We offer a wide range of touristic activities, food and wine in Spain. We are experts on adventure, enotourism and we do love traditions, culture and landscapes. We know that Spain is a country of high contrasts between north and south, east and west. Every region has different culture, traditions, landscapes, people, monuments, gastronomy, and we want you to enjoy them.

We have offices in Basque Country, La Rioja, Andalucía, Madrid and Barcelona so we can organize trips and events all around the country.

Everyday we add new proposals to our portfolio so you will discover the real Spain as you were a local. If you do not find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact us.

 Activities, food and wine in Spain...

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Basque Country

Tourism in Basque Country

Visit Basque Country where you will be surprised by gastronomy, traditions, landscape and more.



Tourism in Madrid

Visit Madrid, the capital city of Spain: monuments, cultural shows and more.



Tourism in Rioja Wine Region

Visit the Rioja Wine Region, the land with name of one of most prestigious wine in the entire world.



Tourism in Barcelona

Visit Barcelona: an avant-garde city, beach, shopping, wine, ...



Tourism in Andalucia

Visit Andalucia, sun & beach, where traditions become art. Flamenco, horses, monuments, ...


Other regions

Tourism in other Spanish Regions

Visit also other places in Spain. Each region is a very interesting region.


For companies you have an exclusive section you can visit: events, incentives, teambuilding activities, celebrations... Tell us what you are thinking about (type of event, region, kind of people attending, dates) and we will develop a proposal combining best of our activities, food and wine in Spain.

You have many examples of what we do in our TV section. We have a TV show in which we visit best destinations in Spain so audience (30 million of potential viewers) can choose which one is best.