Companies: incentives, events, teambuilding and coaching

We are experts and «exquisite» in dealing with companies and their employees. We organize any type of incentives, events, teambuilding and coaching in Spain. We add value to organizational actions in the following areas:

  • Incentive Travel: including unique and creative VIP activities. Surprising and enjoyable experiences using the resources of the chosen destination. 4×4 gymkhanas, Wine  tourism, Helicopter flights, Food fairs, Rural sports exhibitions, etc …
  • Events: taking care of every last detail. Business or corporate meetings; Launching of new products; Conferences; Exhibitions; Customer and supplier appreciation programmes; Corporate anniversaries; Institutional events; food or craft fairs, etc.
  • Coaching and teambuilding activities: We are specialists at training in management skills, Coaching, Outdoor training and team building activities. For us «training» is not just teaching, but a complete process where practice is the key to success.

We have offices in Rioja, Basque Country, Andalucia, Madrid and Barcelona. Take a look to our brochure according with the destination you are looking for:


Incentives and teambuilding activities in Basque Country, Rioja and Northern Spain



 Incentives and teambuilding activities in Southern Spain



Incentives and teambuilding activities in Barcelona



Incentives and teambuilding activities in Madrid



 Discover an exclusive and luxury Spain


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